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We Will Reform Albany.

It’s time to fight the broken policies of Albany. Downstate politicians have taken over our entire state and it’s time to act. I will fight to repeal the Bail Reform law and the Green Light law, which allows illegal immigrants to obtain a drivers license.

With your SUPPORT, we can fight for change.

Nick Libous State Assembly

About Nick Libous

Throughout his career, Nick Libous has been able to learn first-hand how decisions made in Albany can affect small businesses in New York. He is seeking a seat in the Assembly because he believes he can make a difference by bringing common sense community minded leadership to Albany. He understands the primary role of a state legislator is constituent services and listening to the people of the 122nd Assembly District.

Who is Nick Libous?

A life-long resident of the Southern Tier, Nick currently runs and manages his family’s small business located in Broome County.

Growing up, he attended Binghamton High School and SUNY Broome Community College, where he served as Student-Body President. From SUNY Broome he transferred and graduated from SUNY Cortland, where he was Treasurer of the College’s student government. In the recent past, he has served as a member of the board of trustees at SUNY Broome.

Libous’ work career began at age 14 sweeping and cleaning the Mincolla’s distributing warehouse on Broad Avenue in Binghamton. He went on to work for the Binghamton Mets baseball team, serving various roles in the clubhouse. He also worked at a supermarket, formerly known as Giant Markets, learning the ins and outs of customer service.

Nick continued to advance by branching out in other private sector professions, specializing in sales, distribution and management. Currently he is the active Vice President of Wireless Construction Solutions, LLC – a telecommunications construction company dedicated to building the fiber-optic infrastructure in the Northeast.

A loyal member of the Republican party, Nick has worked on campaigns such as Binghamton Mayoral races, Broome County clerks & district attorney races, NYS State Assembly and Senate races. His responsibilities varied from going door to door to meet neighbors and fellow voters, gather signatures to petition for our candidates, to distributing marketing and communication pieces. Needless to say: Nick has been involved and engaged in the local Republican party and the process for his entire life.

A cornerstone of Nick’s beliefs center on giving back to the community. An avid Rotary Club member, he works to help fight opioid abuse, child hunger, and a host of other serious issues in our community. Nick is also a member of the Broome County Concerned Residents. This group was formed to oppose our governor's disastrous plan to destroy the lands in the towns of Sanford and Windsor to support his political goal of a green energy initiative.

Nick is one of our community’s leading advocates for the Southern Tier Lyme Support Group and serves as a board member within the group. As someone suffering from Lyme Disease, Nick knows first-hand how serious tick-born illnesses are in New York State.

He has an affinity for our community. He has seen our community come together and do genuine, hard work for those in need and for the well-being of the Southern Tier. His goal is to educate others on these processes, and show them how they can continue to advocate for their local small-businesses, whether they are owners or consumers. He believes he can make a difference by bringing common sense, community-minded leadership to the Southern Tier and Albany alike.

A Message from Nick Libous

Vote on June 23rd to make Nick Libous your Republican Candidate for the State Assembly’s 122nd District!

EndorsEment from Jason Ellis

Jason Ellis is a Former Broome County Sherriff’s Deputy and active firefighter.


Nick Libous  is the ONLY candidate with business experience who has created jobs in our community.

EndorsEment from steve Flagg

Steve Flagg is a Republican Broome County Legislator.


It is time to send a principled Conservative Republican to Albany; a real leader who isn’t afraid to stand up to New York City liberals and will always fight for the values of our community.

Job & Economy Stimulation

The need to protect and grow jobs in New York is more important now than ever before. Creating jobs in our community starts by eliminating regulations and cutting red tape that prevents our small businesses from doing so. New York’s current high tax climate is driving businesses and jobs out of our state. Rolling back these failed policies will help jump-start the economic growth we need in Upstate NY. Nick plans to take his business and management experience to Albany and push for free market principles by getting big government off our backs.

The "Green Light" Law

The "Green Light Law", a state law allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses, was taken into effect last year. This is another example of downstate politicians choosing to reward those who break the law, and is offensive to all law-abiding New Yorkers. Providing driver’s licenses to those here illegally creates a strong disincentive for anyone to follow the law. It also leaves hard-working, law-abiding New Yorkers footing the bill. A majority of other states throughout the nation do not issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases are spreading across upstate New York each year - including the Southern Tier. The Department of Health and Department of Financial Services need to collaboratively work to make sure patients have adequate insurance coverage for treatment of Lyme disease. Too often consumers are denied coverage for antibiotic treatment or other treatments by their insurance company. No one should go bankrupt to pay for medical care when their insurance company should be covering them.

Repeal the NYS SAFE Act

In Upstate New York, the Second Amendment is more than a right - its a way of life. Nick will fight for the full repeal of the SAFE Act. As a gun owner and a leading Second Amendment advocate, Nick will be vocal against this unconstitutional law; it is a constitutional right to bear arms and it shall not be infringed. Nick does not and will not support unproven gun control measures targeted at law abiding citizens.

Taxes & Affordability

High taxes discourage work & investment. New York has some of the highest taxes in the country, being one of the highest taxed states regarding property taxes and the spending is always increasing. With a $6 billion dollar budget deficit, New York needs to adopt smarter spending policies & focus on wasteful spending. Nick plans to focus on cutting taxes as a priority to put New York back on a fiscally sound track.

Out of State Migration

Since 2010, New York State has lost nearly 1.4 million residents. The main reason sending New Yorkers and their families packing to other states is the loss of jobs, lack of opportunity and cost of living. As New York residents leave, many are being replaced by non-citizens that flow into the state through New York City. This outflow needs to be curbed by creating opportunity and feasible cost of living conditions.

Veteran Affairs

Nick is a strong advocate for all veterans who have answered the call to serve our nation and our state. The sacrifice made by these heroes, which is necessary to preserve the freedom and individual rights guaranteed by our great nation, should never be forgotten or taken for granted. Nick will champion for those who risked their lives to protect ours. He will work hard to ensure the Veteran’s Administration is working for our sons and daughters so they receive the proper & timely healthcare services they were promised upon returning from combat. They deserve nothing less.

NYS Bail Reform Law

One Party Rule has given us bail reform, a dangerous law that prioritizes violent criminals over the victims of violent crime. The New York State bail reform law must be outright repealed. Not only does the law allow violent criminals out of jail hours after being put in, judges are also continually forced to keep spinning a judicial revolving door, cycling those who commit dangerous and violent crimes back out into our communities with the same mandatory releases as those charged with misdemeanors. New York State bail reform has already, in its short time enacted, managed to put all of us at risk.


For many family farmers, farming is not just a job. It is a tradition handed down from generation to generation. Family farms take care of the environment as well as produce healthy foods and products we need to survive. Farms are the backbone of strong rural families and communities. Sadly, family farms are disappearing across upstate New York. Unfortunately, policies that supported farmers are being replaced and eliminated by red tape and regulations that hurt farmers. Albany needs to step in to help our farmers who provide for all of us. Fighting for them is a top priority.

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