A Note from a Concerned Neighbor

Dear Neighbors,

In light of the past few weeks’ events, politics just doesn’t seem remotely worthy of your attention. The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged me to think of the things that matter and what matters most right now is taking the necessary steps to protect our loved ones.

There will be plenty of time to sort out the 122nd Assembly District race later, but right now, I wish all four of my opponents good health. I’m checking in with my family and friends also. Please treat your neighbors kindly and remember to check on those who are most at risk. There are steps we should all be taking to stop the transmission of this very contagious virus so that the most vulnerable members of our families and our community can stay safe and healthy.

So, instead of asking for your vote at this time, I am asking you to review the following very important resources regarding the coronavirus from the CDC and New York State Department of Health.

We will get through this and return to some semblance of normal.
We’ll have a spirited election contest for State Assembly then.
For now: Stay safe, healthy and stay informed.


Nick Libous, Neighbor & Businessman

Keep Your Families Safe